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Season Report.
Picture Gallery.
Season Report.
The Banchory Fishings lie within the heart of Royal Deeside, twenty miles West
of Aberdeen, where the celebrated River Dee flows past the picturesque Banchory
Lodge Hotel.  It is here that the River Feugh, the major tributary of the Dee, forms
its junction with the main river.

Situated near the small Deeside town of Banchory, this fascinating beat extends
downstream from Banchory Bridge, through eleven named pools, to the turbulent
Station Stream below for 0.7 of a mile of classic double bank fly fishing.  
Banchory itself is able to offer every facility to the visiting angler.

The River Feugh exercises a positive influence on the pools around the junction,
with the Hotel pool into which it flows being perhaps the most productive on the
whole of the river.  The Hotel pool is very easy wading and is considered by
many to be the finest fly pool on the river. It is here that Salmon, Grilse and
Sea Trout gather, at times in large numbers, waiting for the right conditions to
enter the Feugh and ascend upstream to the spectacular ‘Falls of Feugh’. These
can be viewed from a vantage point a short distance away. Fish heading further
up The Dee toward their spawning grounds can stop and lie in all of our pools as
they progress through the beat.

There is a spacious well equipped, modern heated fishing hut with cooking and
WC facilities. Ample parking space is provided adjacent to the hut.  

Banchory Fishings are managed with a view to the long term conservation of
Atlantic Salmon and a strict catch and release policy is adhered to in line with
the recommendations of the Dee District Salmon Fisheries Board.  Fishing is with
fly only. The use of treble hooks is not permitted. Banchory Fishings does not
observe the extension of the season into October.

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